BIS Basel gibt zu: der Crash steht vor der Tür…!

Mediengraben sagt’s schon lange – aber jetzt ist es auch von der mächtigsten Bank der Welt zu vernehmen: der Crash steht unmittelbar bevor – und IHR HABT KEINE VORSTELLUNG DAVON, MEINE LIEBEN…! So lange euch die Tageszeitungen nicht TOTALE PANIK MACHEN – dämmert ihr schön weiter in eurem Konsum-, Bequemlichkeits- und Sicherheitsrausch… BALD KNALLT’S UND ES WIRD HEFTIG WERDEN!

Kein Wunder, wollen sie das Epidemiegesetz durchbringen – weil dann haben sie die Möglichkeit, mit irgend einem Vorwand, alle zu impfen, die etwas gegen das System sagen – je nach „Gefährdungsstufe“ werden wir dann mit tödlichen oder chronischen Krankheiten vollgepumpt – welche Impfung sie wohl für Leute wie mich vorgesehen haben..?

Fucking pricks! Seid gefasst, Leute – und WAKE THE FUCK UP! Es wird UNSCHÖN!


BIS: The Most Powerful Bank In The World Announces The Crash

September 19th, 2013

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is the current situation on the financial markets as worse than before the Lehman bankruptcy. The warning of the BIS could be the reason why the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to continue indefinitely to print money: Central banks have lost control of the debt-tide and give up.

The decision by the U.S. Federal Reserve to continue indefinitely to print money (here ) might have fallen on “orders from above”.

Apparently, the central banks dawns that it is tight.

Very narrow.

The most powerful bank in the world, the Bank for International Settlements(BIS) has published a few days ago in its quarterly report for the possible end of the flood of money directly addressed – and at the same time described the situation on the debt markets as extremely critical. The “extraordinary measures by central banks” – aka the unrestrained printing – had awakened in the markets the illusionthat the massive liquidity pumped into the market could solve the fundamental problems (more on the huge rise in debt – here ).

This clear words may have meant that Ben Bernanke and the Federal Open Market Committee, the Fed got cold feet. Instead, as expected, which is now formally announcing the end of the flood of money, the Fed has decided to just carry on as before.

If one is to the BIS experts believe that no single problem is solved.

All problems are only increasing.

Because the BIS but apparently does not know how they get the genie back in the bottle, it pays to listen to those who were part of the system – but now have no official functions and therefore more able to find clear words.

BIS veteran says global credit excess worse than pre-Lehman

Extreme forms of credit excess across the world have reached or surpassed levels seen shortly before the Lehman crisis five years ago, the Bank for International Settlements has warned.

The Swiss-based `bank of central banks’ said a hunt for yield was luring investors en masse into high-risk instruments, “a phenomenon reminiscent of exuberance prior to the global financial crisis”.

This is happening just as the US Federal Reserve prepares to wind down stimulus and starts to drain dollar liquidity from global markets, an inflexion point that is fraught with danger and could go badly wrong.

“This looks like to me like 2007 all over again, but even worse,” said William White, the BIS’s former chief economist, famous for flagging the wild behaviour in the debt markets before the global storm hit in 2008.

Worst Financial Crisis since 1931? German State-Owned Banks on Verge of Collapse

The German government has had to bail out state-owned banks with taxpayers’ money after their managements recklessly gambled away billions on subprime investments. But if a state-owned bank were to go under, the consequences could be disastrous for the whole economy.

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