Blackwater-mercenaries in the Ukraine – Putin still STOPPING the war!

Mainstream admits: Blackwater-Mercenaries in the Ukraine!

This German mainstream-media-outlet admits: there are at least 500 Blackwater (that’s the former name) mercenaries in the Ukraine – meddling with the situation and provoking war. What they didn’t mention is the fact, that Blackwater was BOUGHT by MONSANTO in 2013.

So mercenaries that are owned by the biggest gen-tech-company in the world are in the Ukraine – the 3. largest agricultural producer IN THE WORLD…!

Do we see a connection here? Do we need a hit on the head to understand and just say it, as it is? The massacre, the snipers – the provocation: that’s all been done by professional killers, who work for Monsanto, who wants to get their poisonous claws into the 3. largest agriculture in the world.

And Putin is actually SAVING the world FROM WORLD WAR III…!

He stopped the US from attacking Syria and Iran – he’s not falling for the traps, the NWO-psychopaths in the US; Israel and Brussels are setting for him to step into and get them, what they want: a WW3 to save the worthless US-dollar and install their New World Order afterwards. I never would have believed, I would say this, but Putin is at the moment the savior of the free world!

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