The bankster’s plans for you: from 9/11 to the New World Order and Rfid-chips..!

Aaron Russo’s earthshaking interview & documentary.

He was a hero. He told the world, what Nick Rockefeller told him in private. He was killed.

For everybody, who doesn’t know him or hasn’t seen this yet: Aaron Russo – most probably killed with a very aggressive cancer – tells the secrets, Nick Rockefeller told him in private!

From the 9/11 inside-job to the fake war on terror (that will never end, because there is no real enemy – see Paris) – to the cashless future and Rfid-chip-implants for everybody: they will just take out all the money they want from your chip – and if you open your mouth against the system and the New World Order – they will just delete you.

And you won’t even be able to buy a leaf of bread.

But watch yourself: Aarons Rockefeller-truth-interview & Aarons great documentary: America – Freedom to Fascism

Aaron Russo was a hero!

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