Chemtrails all over the world – these pictures are taken in Zurich…


These „tracks“ in the sky are poison, people! Don’t let them fool you! Geo-Engeneering via Chemtrails – which are Nano-particles of Aluminum-, Barium-, Strontium- and whatever else-oxide. WATCH the presentation, Dane Washington gives.

We are being killed and poisoned on a worldwide scale, people! Chemtrails, poisonous Monsanto-food and herbicides (videos keep getting deleted), vaccinations and the whole cover-up that it’s killing people (another deleted video – but my comments still there) and ultra-high or ultra-low waves, we can’t hear, see or taste: ELF-waves that formerly came from Haarp-like facilities – so called „High frequency Active Auroral Programs, which were and are used to trigger earth-quakes (Fukushima), do deep underground x-ray-type scans (when searching for oil, military bases and what not) and seemingly they can also be used to induce strong emotional responses in the population (ranging from passivity to hallucinations and pure aggression) – and also something only few people talk about: those waves can – in the right tune – be used as something like scalar waves to pulverize buildings and melt cars; need I say more? Remember, how the towers and parts of them turned into dust in mid air? Where did the towers go? Solid columns of steel and concrete – pieces the size of a two-story London bus and bigger – that somehow were solid, when they broke off of the building and while in free fall turned into powder? Hm… And all the melted cars in the vicinity? Melted only halfway, mind you…! And strangely enough the plastic didn’t burn – so it wasn’t HEAT, that melted them – it’s, what’s called the Hutchinson Effect (after the Canadian Inventor John Hutchinson). Haarp (there were about 12 huge installations worldwide) were now switched for something newer and stronger that we don’t know exactly about yet – but they seem to fit into a car or even a suitcase and we can only imagine what horrors these new devices are capable of. THE POINT IS: OPEN YOUR EYES, PEOPLE – WATCH THE SKY, WATCH THE WORLD – TAKE IN THE REALITY AROUND YOU – NOT THE DUMB FEARPROPAGANDA (like the CLIMATE-HOAX – the Club of Rome came up with in the year 1962!) THEY’RE FEEDING YOU DAY IN DAY OUT!
Cordially yours

Here some pictures taken from my balcony in Zurich and in the streets of Zurich:

CT-12 CT-24 CT-36 CT-39 CT-35 CT-23 CT-11 CT-40 CT-37 CT-34 CT-22 CT-38 CT-10 CT-33 CT-21 CT-9 CT-20 CT-32 CT-8 CT-31 CT-30 CT-26 CT-25 CT-19 CT-7 CT-29 CT-28 CT-27 CT-18 CT-6 CT-17 CT-16 CT-15 CT-14 CT-13 CT-5 CT-4 CT-3 CT-2 CT-1

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